Sean Moran - Curriculum Vitae

Name:                       Sean Moran

Date of Birth:            27/06/62

Qualifications:           EUR ING, BSc, DUC, MSc, CEng, FIChemE, PGCHE, SFHEA



Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 2011

EUR ING, 2012

Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Association, 2014

PGCHE, University of Nottingham, 2011

Chartered Chemical Engineer, 1995

MSc Biochemical Engineering, University College London, 1991

BSc Science and the Environment, Leicester Polytechnic, 1990


1999-Date       Expertise Limited: Managing Director & Principal Consultant

2011-2015       University Of Nottingham: Associate Professor of Chemical & Environmental Engineering and Coordinator of Design Teaching

1996-1999       M.P.S: Technical/Commercial Director

1995-1996       Birtley Engineering: Senior Proposals Engineer

1993-1995       Purac (Now Enpure): Proposals Engineer, Senior Process Engineer

1991-1993       Water Engineering (Now WABAG): Projects Engineer

 Examples of Experience and Projects

2016                Expert Witness Projects Confidential Clients

2016                Troubleshooting Effluent and Sludge Treatment Plants Confidential Clients

2015                Expert Witness Projects Confidential Clients

2015                Troubleshooting Hospital Effluent Treatment Problems Bermuda

2014                Expert Witness Projects Confidential Clients

2014                Training Courses in Singapore, Malaysia, Doha 

2013                FBCMB: Expert witness project for private client 

2013                Training Courses in Doha, Oman, Malaysia

2012                University of Nottingham, Super-Critical Water Oxidation Research Group: Outline engineering design of super-critical water oxidation plant 

2012               EPC Groupe UK: troubleshooting and optimising effluent treatment at explosives manufacturing plant

2012               Sonoco Alcore: troubleshooting effluent treatment at paper mill

2012               DP World: Tender evaluation and consultancy for effluent treatment plant

2012               AshtonKCJ LLP: Technical and expert witness project for private client

2012               PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLP: Consultancy associated with water treatment industry and equipment supply

2011               Heyworth: Technical and expert witness project in relation to planning objection

2011                Rawat Dar Al Handasa Iraqi: Hydraulic design and surge analysis for river intake structure, pumping station and twin 11km pipelines for Ramadi Water Treatment Plant, Iraq

2011                UK Marine & Coastguard Agency via SLR Consulting Ltd: Development of a decision-making tool to be used in the response to coastal oil spills

2011                Construction Linx: Troubleshooting problems with commercial effluent treatment plant

2010- 2014      Leatherchem (India): Troubleshooting problems with industrial effluent treatment plant

2010-2012       Barratt Homes via Wilson Bailey Partnership Ltd: Troubleshooting problems with domestic sewage treatment plant, design and commissioning of solution

2009-2010       Colorcon Ltd: Troubleshooting problems with industrial effluent treatment plant, design and commissioning of solutions

2007                Schlumberger: Troubleshooting problems with training centre sewage treatment plant, design and commissioning of solution

2005-2007       Kerrygold: consultancy associated with planning objection to sewage pumping station at cheese distribution depot.

2004                Campbell’s Grocery Products: Design and procurement of industrial effluent treatment plant for food production facility

2004-2010:      WRAP: engaged by this UK government backed organisation to advise on water, effluent treatment and resource efficiency issues.

 2003-Date:      SLR Consulting Ltd: Commissioning of two water treatment plants, troubleshooting of various water and effluent treatment plants, Health Safety and Environment surveys. Re-commissioning of sewage treatment plant

 1999-2003       Geo Delft Environmental: Designed, specified and commissioned three temporary groundwater PCB treatment plants. Carried out pilot plant trials for new groundwater treatment plants

 2001-2010:      Envirowise: Provision of advice on environmental, water and effluent treatment matters to many hundreds of UK businesses on behalf of the government-funded Envirowise programme. 150+ site visits.

 1999-2001       Biowise: provision of advice on optimal biological effluent treatment strategies for business users on behalf of UK government

 1999-date:       (various private clients): Design, troubleshooting, modification, and commissioning of packaged and custom designed water and effluent treatment plants. Expert witness in pollution case.

 1996-1999       (for MPS): Design and commissioning of industrial and municipal effluent treatment plant; environmental consultancy; troubleshooting HAZOP and safety consultancy; design of effluent treatment plant for a major pharmaceuticals manufacturer; consultancy for design of a £1.5M Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant. Process engineering consultant for process and hydraulic design of a municipal effluent treatment plant; commissioning of sludge centrifuges. Completed three-month study for one of the water plcs for process selection at a large new STW. Production of tenders in a variety of industry sectors, in addition to water and effluent treatment.

 1995-1996       (for Birtley Engineering): Water, sewage, industrial effluent design, commissioning, process support, proposal preparation. Commissioning of sewage sludge thickening plant (Minworth STW). Process design role at both contracts and commissioning stages for sludge treatment plant. Process design of overseas sewage treatment plant. Process design of all tendered plant.

 1993-1995       (for Purac): Largest project won: Jellyholm WTW £5.4M - Refurbishment of existing filter station to two stage DAF and RGF. Won projects in digestion, thickening, and drying of sewage sludge, potable water treatment, etc. Commissioning of SAS thickening DAF plant. Contract-stage process design of potable water, sewage treatment plant. Total contract value successfully tendered approx. £22M.

 1991-1993:      (for Water Engineering/WABAG): Water, sewage, industrial effluent design, odour control plant design and tendering, proposal preparation. Largest tender: Riva STW, Turkey $1.8Bn.




       Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 2013

       Chartered Member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers, 1995-

       Member IChemE Water Subject Group Committee, 1998-2000

       Chair IChemE East Midlands Regional Group 2012-Present

       Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, 2014




         Royal Academy of Engineering Professional Development Award, 2011

         Exxon Mobil Excellence in Teaching Award, 2012

         Lord Dearing Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2013